The what when and where of LP lunch


Whether they bring or buy, LP students hang with their friends before heading back to class.

Dani Murphy, Ranger Review Reporter

We all love food, and being able to hang out with our friends makes lunch a student’s favorite part of the day. Still, the school cafeteria isn’t what it was in elementary school; now everyone has their own lunch time preferences.

Some prefer 1st lunch and some prefer 2nd. Personally for me, 1st lunch is the way to go especially when I don’t have time to eat breakfast in the morning. 3rd and 7th period can be torture when you’re waiting endlessly for some food.

“I like 2nd lunch better because it makes the school day seem shorter,” said freshman Valerie Finkle.

Most people buy lunch instead of bringing their own. Still, with four lines to choose from, the fishbowl, hot lunch, subs, and regular lunch line, there’s plenty to eat.

“I like going in the regular lunch line, the fishbowl can get really crowded.” Said sophomore Sam Krainock

The nutritional options are varied. Salads and fruit are available but with all of the pizza, fries and candy people make bad decisions.

It’s easy to get tired of eating in the lunch room. Many freshmen and sophomores will go to grilled cheese Thursday at the Y, while lots of upperclassmen will go off campus.

“Sometimes we will go to Subway, Taco Bell, or Freddy’s.” said Junior Brianna McEwen

Some juniors and seniors decide to eat at school, “It costs too much and I don’t have a car.” Said Eric Mielke.

No matter what, when or where you eat, lunch is the best time of day for you and your friends.