Unifying diverse students at LP

Unifying diverse students at LP

Dani Murphy, Ranger Review Reporter

Diversity in the classroom will benefit the students to better understand the perspective of other students with different ethnic backgrounds.

Learning in school with an environment of different people will enhance the student’s ability to prepare for human interaction as an adult.

Do we live in an area of diverse people or an area of the same citizens? El Paso County contains citizens of all different races, but how does it compare to other areas such as California.

According to statistics from The Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in Colorado, El Paso County is made up of 76% Caucasian, 11% Latino, 6% African American, .9% American Indian, 2% Asian American, and 4.5% other.

In contrast California’s students in 2006 were noted to be 30% Caucasian, 49% Hispanic, 8% African American, 1% American Indian, and 12% Asian American.

Diversity is just as beneficial to school systems as it is for the community.  Surrounded by students racially different than yourself provides equal opportunities for all those who can contribute to society with their own special talents and skills.

Next time you’re walking down the school hallways, recognize all the people who are different than you and appreciate their role in shaping the world to unify us all.