Ranger Legacy Fund gives back


Dani Murphy, Ranger Review Reporter

Lewis-Palmer’s graduating class of 1992 are now adults with jobs and families and everything they could have ever imagined. Now they’ve realized that their many accomplishments occurred because of the opportunities given to them by Lewis-Palmer.

In celebration of their 20th reunion, the class of 1992 has decided to come together and create the LP20x20 Initiative. Their aim is to raise $20,000 by July 2012 with a total of 80 days left.

The money raised will go towards the current students at Lewis-Palmer whom desire to take their education to outstanding levels. Thousands of dollars will be awarded to worthy individuals or groups of students striving for extracurricular academic interest. They only need money to get started and that’s when LP20x20 come into play.

The mastermind behind this program is Matt Schroeder, who teamed up with his former classmates Tim Cross, Matt Lang and Amy L. Neill to create a non-profit organization. They wanted to give back to the school that shaped their lives and the source of their success.

Tim Cross, married to former Miss Colorado, works as the executive director for the Colorado Springs Education Association. Cross explained that Lewis-Palmer pushed him to be the best that he could be. “I support LP20x20 because LP supported me without limitation or hesitation.”

President Matt Schroeder currently works as the creative director for a math program that helps student’s with mental disabilities gain better mathematical skills. He wants every student to have the same opportunities that he did and the willingness to carry out their ambitions.

The team is working hard to establish activities to persuade the public to donate to their fund. They organized a 5K run to support the program. They are also going to have an art show in Palmer Lake. They want people in the community to have fun while realizing the value of this program and to donate.

People willing to step up and change the high school experience for LP can donate money to the Ranger Legacy Fund at any time and support the goal of $20,000 by the 20th reunion in July.