Amendment 64 can offer a lot and should be passed

Amendment 64 can offer a lot and should be passed

Amendment 64 can unite Colorado by using its profits to help pay for education expenses.

Keaton Campbell, Ranger Review Reporter

Amendment 64 proposes that marijuana should be distributed like alcohol. This would allow people of the age of 21 or older to purchase marijuana for recreational use, not for medicinal purposes.

I feel that if this amendment was approved the state government could tax it just like they do on alcohol or tobacco. This would create profit for the state and could lead to more investment in education and other facilities provided by the state.

This could also cut back on the amount of time spent by law enforcement monitoring the trafficking and usage of marijuana. This would then result in more crimes solved, more criminals stopped, and less taxes spent on prosecuting people in possession. And who doesn’t want a safer community?

One drawback pertains to the law against drug possession and paraphernalia. If you were to use equipment to harvest the THC given off by marijuana, could you be arrested for being in possession of the equipment?

Another problem that I see with this amendment is the distribution to minors. I feel that people over 21 could be paid and pressured into buying marijuana for minors; this could result in a higher number of teenage drug users.

My final thoughts on this amendment are mixed. On one hand I can see how it could help our state’s economy and law enforcement.

Then on the other hand it could pose a threat to our youth and increase the number of drug users. I am in favor of this amendment because whatever threat it may pose can be countered by the money that the state would gain from it being passed.