Wishing Star Farm

Wishing Star Farm

Sheep are one of the many featured animals of the wishing star farm, kids can enjoy petting them and feeding them.

Allison McPike, Ranger Review Reporter

Wishing Star Farm, located at, 6760 Ropers Point is a local petting zoo in Black Forest and is open throughout October. It is ran by Susan Merenyi and at the farm that families can find many things to do at the Wishing Star Farm and will find a jumping pillow, a slide, pony rides, hay rides, a covert swing, and a wide range of animals to pet and feed.

There is a wide range of animals at the farm they have many horses, ponies, goats, sheep, roosters, a goose, cows, donkeys, bunnies, chickens, llamas, alpacas, a pig named Emma, and a camel named Boo. There are hundreds of animals that can be seen and fed at the farm.

“The farm was opened because my mom had a passion to teach kids about all the wonderful animals that are on our farm” said sophomore Wesley Merenyi. His mother was inspired to open the farm in 1999 to educate younger children about all the wide range of animals that can be on the farm.

In October, the Wishing Star Farm has a pumpkin patch where customers paid for admission received a free pumpkin and a pony ride. Although customers are encouraged to not wait to get a pumpkin because the farm is known to be out of pumpkin the last few days it is open due to how popular it is.

The farm is also a great place to celebrate a child’s birthday, there are picnic tables for you to use for anything they might need. Susan has also transported her most popular animals throughout the state of Colorado in order to be more versatile to her customer’s off-season events.

The farm can be found at some churches during the winter months for nativity scenes. People of all ages go to the farm and there is something to do no matter how old they are.

In order to find out more about the farm visit www.wishingstarfam.com