The boot is back

Girls show off their styles of boots

Girls show off their styles of boots

McKenna Fish, Ranger Review Reporter

Since it’s November once again, you can count on high school girls everywhere to be wearing the latest fall fashions. This year, like last, boots seem to be very favorable.

So many styles, colors, and cute outfits have been worn this fall using boots. So many girls have been obsessing over this trend, and many people have commented on how many boots they see in the hallway.

“Ugg’s are great. They are warm, fuzzy, and they match everything,” sophomore Catherine Witt said.

Uggs can be warn with almost anything. One of the more popular styles is jeans tucked into the boot. They are always worn with tights, leggings, and even yoga pants.

The brand name Ugg is also very expensive. Considering this, many high school girls wear knock off brands to get the look without spending too much money.

“My favorite type of boots are definitely cowboy boots. But overall, most boots are adorable. I love seeing people wearing them,” sophomore Delaney Purdham  said.

Boots are not just storming the fashion world at LP, they are very popular outside of high school and are worn by women of almost every age.

Some popular types of boots are the Ugg boot, cowboy boot, Bearclaw boot, and Lucky brand boot. They can be leathery, fuzzy, or in some cases sparkly. Not even that, but the length of the boots may vary. There are ankle length, knee height, or in the middle.

Boots are very  popular right now, and people will be seeing a lot more of them considering it’s only fall.  As the winter moves in, boots will be holding their spot as girl’s favorite footwear.