The Swift strikes again

The Swift strikes again

The album cover of “Red” features Taylor Swift.

Keaton Campbell, Ranger Review Reporter

Taylor Swift, an icon to many, has just produced her latest album “Red.” This album is about post-breakup feelings, which speaks to many young adults.

The students overall opinion on the album was that it was a very enjoyable.

“I love this album,” sophomore Maggie Asman said.

People like the album because it is very relatable to their personal lives and can help in tough relationships when they don’t work out.

“It is the story of my life,” sophomore Mary Jane Nickel said.

Like every album, people have a favorite song. Some songs on this album are about some very sensitive subjects and others are less serious. The most popular song is “We Are Never Getting Back Together.”

This song talks about how people react after breakups. It mainly discusses how they are sad at first and then they realize they are better off without their ex. Then their ex comes crawling back, but they are rejected.

Another song that really touches people’s hearts is “22.” This song is upbeat and how free young people are.

I would recommend this album to a friend. It talks about common issues and problems faced by teens. I give it a 9 out of 10.