Students should start studying for finals

Students should start studying for finals

Collin Diamond goes through his notes in studyhall

McKenna Fish, Ranger Review Reporter

It’s that time of year again where finals are starting to be on students’ minds. It is almost Thanksgiving break and students will probably be getting their study guides the week after.

Now that it is November, it might be a good idea for students to start preparing for finals. Thanksgiving break is a great opportunity to get some studying done, as well as relaxing.

“I start studying as soon as my teachers give me the study packet,” sophomore Jordan Arnold said.

For some students, finals are very important and they start studying even before they know exactly what is on the final.

“I start studying at the beginning of the semester,” sophomore Adam Erdle said.

Not only do we have about 5 classes to study for, but there are some finals that seem impossible to prepare for. Math, for example, is a subject that many students find difficult to study for.

“Math is definitely the hardest, and it is honestly impossible to study about everything,” Arnold said.

The positive thing is that as soon as finals are over, students have all of Christmas break to relax. This makes break all the more better. The only reason students would have to study over break is if they miss a final and have to make it up after break.

“I am looking forward to break. I can relax and not worry,” Erdle says

Finals week is definitely something that students should take seriously. They are right around the corner and are very important to high school careers.`