Spanish teacher unwrapped

Spanish teacher unwrapped

McKenna Fish, Ranger Review Reporter

On a day to day basis, teachers have a lot to handle. They have students almost every class period and rarely just get to sit and relax. Not only are students sometimes loud and obnoxious, but they do not always pay attention.

“Kids who do not listen are difficult to deal with because they also ask the question ‘Wait… what do we do?’” Spanish teacher Mr. Miller says.

Another big problem for teachers is homework. Students do not get their work in on time and it can be rough to grade because if assignments are not turned in, they pile up and add more grading time.

On an average night, teachers have about two and a half hours of just grading tests. This also depends on the subject of the class.

For English teachers, grading can be up to 6 hours on a regular night because of essays take so long.  

“On an average night, I have about an hour of grading, and on test nights, I have about 5 hours of grading,” Miller says.

Most students might not understand that being a teacher is tougher than they think. Teachers take their own time to help put education in our lives.