Seniors who are graduating early are getting a head start

Seniors who are graduating early are getting a head start

Kaeley McCormack and the principle Sandi Brandl disscuss early graduation. McCormack is planning on attending PPCC in the spring.

Allison McPike, Ranger Review Reporter

Some seniors are choosing to graduate early from Lewis Palmer this year. Many are skeptical about a senior’s decision to do this but those who are skeptical lack empathy towards certain students.

 Senior Kaeley McCormick is one of the few graduating early so she can get a head start on college. Students have to pay for college anyways and if they have all of the requirements for graduating high school, and their future education most early graduators ask themselves one simple question: “What is the point in staying?” In her position, she’s right.

Although some Colleges may not approve of graduating early, seniors who have done so have gone to college the following fall after. If a student is graduating early they should be sure it is acceptable with their college before they plan it.

Many adults and other students may see graduating early as pure laziness, but if someone tries to understand someone’s reasoning they might find an ounce of empathy inside them. Graduating early is not for everyone but in some circumstances, it is beneficial.

Some of the benefits of graduation early is students get a head start on their career. Besides missing out on high school drama, there’s nothing else too influential to miss out on. Seniors that graduate early still get to participate in prom and if they choose, they can even walk the isle with their class at the graduation ceremony.