Seniors who graduate early are missing out

Seniors who graduate early are missing out

Senior Tyler Pope, who is not graduating early, applies for scholarships. His second semester of his senior year will help better prepare him for college.

Mandy Coffman, Ranger Review Reporter

Many seniors are choosing to graduate high school early this year: which poses a question as to why.

In my opinion, there is absolutely no point in graduating early. The only assumption to make as to why a senior would graduate early is solely based on lazy qualities.

In fact, I can only think of one rational reason to graduate early; to work. Then again, I work twenty hours per week, maintain three AP classes, and still have time for my social life.

Senior year is the time to prepare for college, and start your life. Someone who graduates early demonstrates laziness which is not a good preparation for college.

Several colleges might overlook someone who graduates early because it shows that the student cannot commit.

Plus, the early graduates think about all the things that happen second semester that they would miss out on. For example, spirit week for prom, the senior prank, and school assemblies will all be missed.

A typical high school senior has been in school a total of twelve years. It is only about four months more after the first semester. This is something they have done for their entire memorable life so far, they know how to do it, and do it well.

In addition, these are only so many other seniors that will graduate early with they. Most of their peers are going to be in school when you are spending your days doing…what?

The last semester is so important; it is the closing of the door to childhood, not to mention the easiest classes you will ever take. It is the countdown to the graduation, to the rest of life.