Cheerleaders go to state

Cheerleaders go to state

The Cheerleaders finish their routine on a strong note.

Allison McPike, Ranger Review Reporter

The state cheerleading competition was held on Saturday, December 8th at the Denver Coliseum. Lewis-Palmer Cheerleaders performed at 4:30 PM, but were disqualified after stepping off the mat.

Leading up to the competition the cheerleaders had “two-a-days” where they would come in in the morning 5:00-7:00 AM, then practice again from 4:30-6:30 PM. The girls had a hard time managing sleep and school with the two-a-days, but at the competition it did not show and they had a great performance.

“Besides stepping out of bounds, we did pretty well” freshman Tatianna Saunders said.

After waiting for four hours, the cheerleaders found out they were disqualified for stepping off of the mat. Even after LP was disqualified, they still stuck around to support the Palmer Ridge cheer team.

At the competition on Saturday, LP was only one of over forty teams from around the state. As they were preparing all day, they were constantly bombarded with rules. Even the slightest “bobbling” in a stunt could cause a point deduction.

Overall the cheerleaders had a great time staying in the hotel and traveling in a party bus. They also got a chance to eat at the Cheesecake factory.

The cheer team had fun and are hoping for a strong comeback next year.