Dedicated athletes represent a desire to succeed

Dedicated athletes represent a desire to succeed

The Colorado Sports Center at 6 AM is a welcome sight to the LP Hockey team.

Halie Buckman, Ranger Review Editor

Lewis-Palmer High School’s gym is lined with rows upon rows of banners listing state champions and other titles. Visiting schools can instantly see that LP was and still is inhabited by victors. These banners have always held an air of intimidation over competitors’ heads.

Some of these athletes stand out above the rest. Seniors Justin Smith and Nate Rykerd demonstrate exactly why LP holds so many prestigious titles. The time these two put into their sports is evident in their captain positions.

Smith comes into the gym a few hours before school. He shoots 100 free-throws and spends his free period practicing, as well. His skills held up the Boys Basketball team last season, winning them a State Championship.

Rykerd goes into the Monument YMCA around 6AM each morning to condition himself for wrestling season.

The LP hockey team, which holds two State Championship titles in the past four years, is captained by senior Matt Prudhomme. The team practices and plays on the Colorado Sports Center ice center off of Old Denver Highway. In years past, they practiced after school, but this year the team is lacing up their skates at 5:45 am.

Prudhomme enjoys these morning practices because it gives him more energy for the day and more time for homework at night. He says that being up so early builds character among the team and causes members to make a routine of going to bed early.

“Beneath the cold fog of the early ice lies a force that acts like a catalyst of improvement and victory,” Prudhomme said.

All of the teams are projected to do very well this season. The basketball team is already holding a winning 5-0 record and have high hopes for the rest of their games.