Drive safe

Drive safe

Olivia Davis, Ranger Review Reporter

As winter weather is arriving, students at Lewis-Palmer high school are going to be starting to face more severe driving conditions. For some students at LPHS, it is even their first year of driving in snow and icy conditions.  As important it is to make it to school on time, it is way more important to be safe while driving.

“I live in king’s deer, so sometimes in the morning when it is cold and snowy or icy it takes me a long time to get to school” said Wyatt Cochran, senior at LP.

It also is Cochran’s first year of driving in winter weather.

“It is scary knowing that if I drive too fast or mess up once I can take my life or others around me,” stated Cochran, “and I don’t want to do that”.

Other students at LP have had as much as one or two driving experiences. Students say that it only gets easier if you are more cautious and practice more.

“I have been driving for one and a half years now and I know that as long as I am careful and focus on the road and always buckle up I will make it safely from point a to point b” said Drew Swanson.

Recently, Colorado has been warm and sunny but the winter weather is going to be start rolling in especially with the New Year. Colorado’s weather conditions are expected to be starting to get more rough soon here!

Monument is also one of the areas in Colorado that tends to get hit the hardest with snow.  Even sometimes busses are late to school.

As long as you’ve been practicing safe driving and have been prepared for the weather, everything should be okay. Just buckle up, slow down, and be safe and most importantly enjoy the winter season!