The band program does it again


The combined strength of all the bands made for quite a beautiful sounding finale to the holiday concert.

Kristen Miller, Ranger Review News Editor

The Lewis-Palmer High School bands performed their holiday concert on Tuesday, December 11, 2012, in the Lewis-Palmer High School auditorium. All of the bands participated, and all did extremely well.

The Jazz band, the first group to perform, played two songs. The theme of the concert was the holidays, and the Jazz band stuck to that theme by performing holiday music.

The Percussion Ensemble was the second group to perform. The Percussion Ensemble is made up of ten students, all percussionist players.

The group performed two songs. The Percussion Ensemble is new to Lewis-Palmer this year, and has been a welcome edition to the band program.

The third group to perform was the Symphonic Band. The Symphonic Band is made up of students who are mainly underclassmen, but have been playing extremely well. The Symphonic Band performed two pieces along with a third combined piece with the Wind Symphony.

The fourth group to perform was the Wind Symphony. The Wind Symphony performed two pieces as well as a combined piece, and have been going to contests for the past few months. This band is audition only, and the students are very dedicated.

The final piece played was a combined piece called Christmas Favorites consisting of all band members.

The band concert lasted only an hour and fifteen minutes, but to those on stage it seemed to last much longer. With the hot lights beating down on the students, and the darkened audience watching them, they kept their cool and managed to pull off one spectacular concert.

With this being the final concert of the semester, the next one will not be until February. The Wind Symphony has many contests scheduled for this next semester, while the Symphonic Band has only one. The Jazz Band has a few as well.

All the bands are doing a fantastic job, but that is what is expected from Lewis-Palmer High School.