Midcalf socks take over the school


Keaton Campbell

Josh Harrold showing his black midclaf socks.

Keaton Campbell, Ranger Review Reporter

When walking through the halls you can’t go without seeing someone wearing midcalfs. Whether they are black or white or polka dots, people wear ‘em, and they love ‘em.

Midcalfs are socks that come up to the middle of your calf, thus the name. They come in all sorts of colors, and the most popular are made by Nike.

Nike midcalfs are usually white or black and are a little shorter than others. They have the signature Nike swoosh in either white, black, or grey. They also have a subtle pinstripe indent.

Midcalfs are popular sport socks because of their ability to be customized and colorized. Many of Lewis-Palmer’s sports teams wear them as well.

I wear midcalfs, and there are a few reasons why I do. For one, they keep your lower calf warm. Another reason is because they’re stylish, and they are very soft, which is everything for me.

I would recommend them to anyone: my mom, my friend, or my grandma. They are a perfect sock for anyone really.  If I had to rate them they would be a 10 out of 10, two thumbs up. Midcalfs are the perfect accessory for any outfit and make everyone look fabulous.