Homecoming 2013 review


Kendra Boone

Lewis-palmer students enjoyed the homecoming dance.

Cori Holden, Ranger Review Reporter

Lewis-Palmer’s homecoming of 2013 was themed to be a safari adventure on the Serengeti. Overall, the dance was filled with fun and a wild life surprise. From the ear-blasting music to the live snake, Lewis-Palmer’s student body had amazing things to say about this event.

The DJ of the dance was RokBox entertainment, which some students said was the best DJ to host a Lewis-Palmer event.

“I enjoyed this year’s DJ a lot. He played entertaining music that was fun to dance to,” said senior Melanie Farmer.

This year’s homecoming theme was the most debated part of the dance. Some students really enjoyed the theme and all of the other decorations, but others thought it wasn’t the right theme for a homecoming dance.

“It was pretty awesome! I loved all the animals. It was a really fun dance,” junior Adam Erdle, says.

But others, such as Ryan Earl, sophomore had other opinions.

“I didn’t like the theme and there were not enough decorations. Maybe if there were more decorations it would have been better, but I didn’t like it at all,” Earl said.

At the dance, there was a lively surprise. For the first two hours of the dance, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo brought live animals for students to touch and hold.

“I loved the snakes! It was so awesome to be able to hold them.” Sophomore Katherine Joyal said.

Overall, the 2013 homecoming dance was a huge success. Most students had a blast and are looking forward to next year’s homecoming.