LP softball field has a bone crushing curse


First base of the Lewis-Palmer field.

Cori Holden, Ranger Review Reporter

Lately a rumor has been going around throughout the softball team. According to many of the players, the Lewis-Palmer field is cursed, due to numerous injuries that have taken place throughout this season.

The first to be injured was sophomore Gabi Broeker when she broke her arm in two places. She went to go tag a runner out at home plate, when the runner slid into her arm and created a wrist fracture and a buckle fracture in her left arm.

Also, Sophomore Catherine Best was nailed in the eye with a fly ball in the outfield only a week after Broeker’s injury. She had 4 different fractures on one side of her face, but is recovering very well.

“My first thought was if my sunglasses are broken or not,” said Best.

Not only did Lewis-Palmer players get injured, but another girl from Pine Creek was also severely injured with 3 fractures in her right ankle. This occurred when the girl slid into third base incorrectly and her ankle snapped under the pressure.

After these three accidents, the rumor of the haunted field came about. According to player parents, they were jokingly saying that lengthy construction of the dugouts may have interfered with “an ancient burial ground” that the field might have been built on top of.

All of these bone crunching incidents have lead players, coaches and parents to the idea of a cursed softball field.