Was PR’s homecoming better than LP’s?


A group of sophomores at Lewis-Palmers homecoming 2013

Macayla Trottner, Ranger Review Reporter

Every year, hundreds of students from both Lewis-Palmer High School and Palmer Ridge High School get all dressed up for the annual homecomings. Several students get asked to both homecomings either by friends or a date. Homecoming is supposed to be exciting and a special experience, but the setup, DJ, and decorations may be making LP’s homecoming less enjoyable to go to.

“LP’s homecoming was fun, but it was just kind of boring. There was nothing very special about it,” sophomore Sienna Abeyta said.

Many of the LP students agree that Lewis-Palmer was just kind of basic and nothing made it extraordinary. After having high expectations with the decorations many students felt let down.

“I honestly thought PR had a better homecoming. They had a better DJ and it was in their gym so it was more open,” sophomore Sydney Wollenberg said.

Most of the students agree that PR had an overall better homecoming. LP’s was just average and PR’s was over the top amazing.

“I thought I had a good time at LP’s homecoming but PR’s homecoming was the best night of my life. They had go-go dancing blocks and they had huge balloons everywhere. It was so decorative, it felt like an awesome party,” sophomore Reese Wallum said.

Many of the students who attended both homecomings said that they enjoyed PR’s homecoming so much more. Teens want loud, up to date music and awesome decorations, not slow music from two years ago.

“I would say to make LP’s homecoming more fun put the DJ somewhere else and definitely get better music. It would also be cool to get bigger decorations and a better theme,” Abeyta said.

Overall students said they liked LP’s homecoming but PR’s was a thousand times better. By the time Snowball comes around LP will hopefully up their game and put in more effort to make it more enjoyable and thrilling.