Facebook vs. Instagram preference

Do students prefer Facebook or Instagram in this new social media age?

Do students prefer Facebook or Instagram in this new social media age?

Chloe Walker, Ranger Review Reporter

Based on a school survey, nearly 100% of students have a Facebook account. 47% of surveyed students are also active on Instagram. However, it was found that no student with an Instagram account doesn’t have a Facebook.

The fact that Facebook was established in 2004, a full six years  before Instagram was developed in 2010, may be the reason for the superior popularity Facebook. Students who are active in social media would have signed up for Facebook far prior to Instagram in correlation with the timelineof when each site was established, and therefore  each instagraming student would definitely have a Facebook.

“Facebook has been around longer and is more trusted,” junior Shawn Porter said.

On the other hand, based on the survey a majority of those who responded had a general liking for Facebook as an overall site. “Facebook helps me find the latest cool products based on what I’ve subscribed to,” junior Grayson Sharp said. “A college friend convinced me to get on Facebook so I could stay in touch with her,” senior Aiden Warren said.

In comparison to Instagram, survey takers preferred Facebook because of the way it’s set up and works. “Facebook has fewer filters than Instagram,” junior Kyler Davis said. “I would never get on Instagram because guys don’t take selfies.”junior Ben Paris, who is not on Instagram, said.

That’s not to say that people don’t like Instagram. Many survey takers still said that they prefer it to Facebook because of its simplicity. “Instagram is way easier. You just take a picture, choose a filter, and upload. It’s also easier to communicate through pictures,” Freshman Missie Fornof said. “It’s much cooler and easier to use. You can just scroll through to see what everyone is up to without reading,” Freshman Addison Di Marco said.

Then again, does a preference matter in a world of social media for entertainment? As freshman, Addie Gibson puts it, “Facebook has way too much drama, but Instagram is a cool way to look at unique pictures. But both sites are pointless.”