World Series predictions begin

The World Series begins October 23,2013.

The World Series begins October 23,2013.

Taylor Felver, Ranger Review Reporter

The World Series beginning October 23 and ending the 31st, ten teams are predicted to have a chance at the ultimate title of being the best baseball team in the USA for the year.  The LA Dodgers however, are ultimately foreseen to take the title of World Series Champions as they had 92 wins making, them the National League-West Division Champions. The Boston Red Sox who have had 97 wins this season alone that propelled them into the playoffs.

Teams currently in World Series playoffs include the Detroit Tigers, LA Dodgers, Tampa Bay Rays, and either the Pittsburg Pirates or the Saint Louis Cardinals as they battle it out for the final spot into the playoffs.

The next games will be the Red Sox facing off with the Tampa Bay Rays first, then the winners will play the Tigers or the Oakland A’s. Whoever wins the next five to ten games of the playoff’s advances to the finale: the 2013 World Series.

My prediction will be the Boston Red Sox, who in the past twenty years have won two World Series. Although the Dodgers, who are the underdogs of the 2013 season, are predicted favorably out of everyone, the Red Sox’s probability is higher than any other team. While the Red Sox still are number one in statistics, they provide the best chance of success.

The World Series draws billions of fans yearly. Whether someone is a baseball fan or not everyone can be entertained by the all-American sport of baseball and there is no better event than the championship of baseball.