What does Halloween look like for high schoolers?

High schoolers no longer trick or treat and replace tit with other activities.

High schoolers no longer trick or treat and replace tit with other activities.

Chloe Walker, Ranger Review Reporter

With Halloween approaching the community prepares for fun with various festivities , little kids get ready to trick-or-treat, and haunted houses come to life; but what do Lewis-Palmer students do for this goulish holiday?

It seems now that classic traditions like trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving are fading for teenagers and morphing into new traditions like scary movie nights and parties.

“ I’m having a bunch of people come over to my house to watch scary movies and I’ll already have candy there, so we don’t have to trick-or-treat,” junior, Kyler Davis said.

Many groups of teens are doing movie nights like this and it looks like Tom Burton classics as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride are typically shown based on popularity.

For a more high energy Halloween some students are going to various parties. “I’m going to Hallofrieakin’ween,” junior, Shawna Kucharek said.

If not movies or parties there is always the home football game on Thursday night.

“We are dressing up and going to the football game in costumes, and we are going to throw candy at people,” junior, Charlee Krieger said.

Besides All Hallows Eve activities, traditions such as pumpkin carving are dying as well.

“It’s lame. We have a plastic pumpkin, so I’m not carving one this year,” junior, Shawn Porter said.

It’s sad that this holiday is changing for high schoolers, but it’s also exciting as it transforms into something totally new and perhaps a little more frightening.