The games students can’t get enough of


A student playing one of the many addicive games

Cori Holden, Ranger Review Reporter

As the app store continues to release new, fun games, many students have found these games to be super addicting.

“I am defiantly addicted to the game Candy Crush. I find myself playing it late at night before I go to bed for way too long,” said sophomore Brooke Towne.

The game Candy Crush Saga is a sweet game of revenge against King Cady. This game is a spinoff of the movie Wreck-It Ralph, which was a summer blockbuster in 2012.

“Even though Angry Birds has been out for a really long time, I am still addicted to that game. I still can’t beat the last level,” said senior Mel Farmer.

Students often find themselves playing these addicting at any given time, from study hall to long car rides, to even playing while doing homework.

“I love Subway Surfers! I am always playing that game when I have a free moment,” said freshman Cristina Federico.

Overall, game creators have become much better at making addictive games, and many students have been drawn in to the fun of these games.