Colorado in an Indian summer?


Seniors Sam and Adrian take advantage of the heat by wearing shorts.

Chloe Walker, Ranger Review Reporter

Being the middle of November, Colorado prepares for snowy winter. The leaves have changed and are falling of the trees, frosty mornings are expected and hats and jackets are coming out of storage; or maybe not. It’s abnormal that so far into the year Colorado has yet to begin its seasonal transformation. It looks like we’re in a bit of an Indian summer.

The ten day weather forecast from November fourteenth to November twenty fourth for Colorado Springs shows an average high temperature of 52.3 degrees, higher than normal for this month. Very little morning frost has appeared lately, and the only sign of impending cold weather is the early morning fog on the mountains and the calendar.

Students are shocked by this odd trend, commenting on the lack of snow for November.

“It’s been surprisingly warm for this time of year. Usually we get snow by Halloween,” junior Bea Uy said.

While some students enjoy the heat, others are ready for winter to begin. Many people in the hallways have been complaining that it’s time for it to start snowing.

“I want weather and snow. I’m ready to have snow days,” junior Jackie Milkey said.

Many students are taking advantage of this warm front by wearing shorts and short sleeves. Some students are even going swimming outdoors while they still can.

However warm it may be, for the students that are looking forward to a winter wonderland snow is on the way. A fifty percent chance of snow is expected for Thursday the twenty first to kick off the winter season and end the strange Indian summer that Lewis-Palmer has witnessed.