Gift ideas for the holiday season


Christmas decorations hanging in a Colorado home

Cori Holden, Ranger Review Reporter

With the holidays fast approaching, the race to find the perfect gift for the important people in one’s life has started. When it comes to gifts, sometimes it’s difficult come up with any gift ideas, but here are some ideas.

When it comes to buying gifts for girls, one can never go wrong with a gift card to their favorite store. Popular gift ideas include makeup, such as lip gloss, perfume, candles, hand sanitizers, and lotions from bath and body works. Other ideas are nail polish, clothing, jewelry, and of course food.

If one is wanting a different present for a best friend or a sister, you can make a small stocking filled with a couple of these gifts, maybe even a themed stocking, such as a nail or makeup stocking.

Depending on the person, a guy can be the easiest or the hardest person to shop for. Some gift ideas for guys include video games, watches, food, sunglasses, sports equipment, or food.

Whatever one decides to get the important people in your life, just remember they will a love a gift that came from the heart.