Yearbook stress makes the book worth reading


Kailey Groll, Ranger Review Reporter

Most students overlook the work that goes into the making of the yearbook. However, Junior, Nick Lewis, works hard to put the yearbook together. He is an editor for the West Wind Yearbook, and although stressful, he manages to spend his time helping making the yearbook flawless.

Yearbook is probably one of the most time consuming and stressful classes that Lewis-Palmer High School has to offer. It takes a lot of time leaving class to go take pictures, and making sure you meet the deadlines.

“Being an editor is probably one of the most stressful things about the class, because it holds a lot of responsibility. I spend a lot of time going out of class and spending my free time making sure I meet the deadlines,” Lewis said.

Lewis spends a great deal of time making sure that each page he puts together is the best it can be.  He even spends his free time working on pages and completing them.

Although it seems like yearbook would be too stressful, Lewis would recommend this class to everyone.

“It’s more than a class, it’s like a family,” Lewis said. “Although it’s stressful, it’s a class worth taking. It’s like a challenge for the real world when you actually have deadlines to meet, it prepares you.”

The yearbook staff works hard throughout the year to make Lewis-Palmer High School’s yearbook the best that they can. Students at Lewis-Palmer appreciate being able to buy a yearbook at the end of the year, but do not always realize how much work goes into making it.