Lewis-Palmer students are ready for break


spending time with friend in the high tech space

Cheyanne Winkler, Ranger Review Reporter

Having a half day on the last day of school is quite an excitement for Lewis-Palmer students who have been taking finals this past week. Only having to go to school for a few hours to finish up the semester’s finals allows students to get a good start on their winter break.

Walking through the halls, it’s not hard to see the excitement on everyone’s face. The joy in their smiles while laughing along with other friends. Not having to be here until 8:40 allows them more time to sleep in and get rested.

This early in the morning, seeing students smiling and laughing with their friends is very rare. They are usually sleepy and barely moving along until around lunch, when they can get food in them.

Once school is let out this afternoon, it will start the break that everyone has been waiting for. When it is time for them to return, it will be the last semester before summer break. Another successful semester completed at Lewis-Palmer High School.