Palmer Lake dirt bike track


Logan Bryson in the air as he is jumping a table top at Palmer Lake dirtbike track.

Logan Bryson, Ranger Review Reporter

Palmer Lake offers many destinations of fun, giving tourists and nearby home owners a great place to bring family and friends. With diners, stores, and sports complex, Palmer Lake gives everyone a fun place to go.

Palmer Lake offers a dirt bike track that does require a membership, but is way worth it, if you have a bike to ride every once and a while. Memberships are around $200, but this membership allows you to meet new people, become a better rider, and learn to ride on a tough track.

Many riders agree that Palmer Lake track is a tough track to ride for many different reasons. Some say that the track is not as taken care of as it should be and it makes the track more difficult to ride. Others say that the setup of the jumps turns and much more also make the track more difficult to ride than others.

A great part of the Palmer Lake track is that there are rarely many, if any, people there when riders get there.

Palmer Lake track is a great track to learn to ride on and to introduce the new riders to the sport, because of its difficulty. The track is getting bigger and bigger with the lump sum of gaining memberships and many new riders are learning to become great riders within days of riding this track.

Although it is not a very popular track, new members love the track once they find out about it. Families and friends gather round the track doing races, time trials, etc. Palmer Lake track is a great place to ride and is just getting better as the days go on.