Are phone cases Important?


A first edition Iphone 5 in an Armor Series Otter Box phone case.

Logan Bryson, Ranger Review Reporter

As many new smart phones are created each day, many are debating on whether they should buy a case for there new smartphones or not. As technology develops within the phone cases and phones, what plans do people have for the phone in the future?

Although many phones are out there now, some are older and some are newer. People with older phones are less careful about their phones, while ones with new phones are very careful.

Ryan Henry said, “it’s a tough phone and it can be run over, I don’t need a case”. Josh Martin has a newer phone, the Galaxy S4. He has an old Pantech slide phone.Josh Martin said, “I need a phone case because it is personalized and sort of protects my phone”. He has a newer Galaxy S4.

As the new phones and phone cases come out, people try and customize there phones with al the new and good-looking case designs. With Otter Box and Life Proof coming in at the top of the protection cases, the tend to be more popular than other cases.

Many other phone cases are in the market, yet are as reliable when it comes to protection and security. These “non” safe cases are mainly for looks and are much, much cheaper than the Otter Box or Lifeproof.