Staff Basketball game Lewis-Palmer vs. Palmer Ridge


Jourdan Valentine, Ranger Review Sports Editor

On April  22nd the Staff at Lewis-Palmer went to battle with the Palmer Ridge staff during a basketball game hosted by Lewis-Palmer high School.

The game began at 7p.m. in the gym of Lewis-Palmer High School. The games scores were close all night. Both Lewis-Palmer and Palmer Ridge had many kids at the game cheering there teachers on. As the students got rowdy the game continued to get better.

The playing field was equal because both teams had amazing players. The scores were consistently changing as the teachers became wild with competitiveness.

Palmer Ridge was ahead most of the game but Lewis-Palmer pulled through with the help of the stands filled with students encouraging them to victory.

As Lewis-Palmer made the last shot of the night and the buzzer rang, the Lewis-palmer students screamed with joy and flooded the court. Excitement ran through the gym as people were screaming with congratulations to the staff at Lewis-Palmer.

Congratulations to all the players of the night from everyone at Lewis-Palmer High School.