Lana Del Rey Debuts New CD, Ultra-Violence

Taylor Felver, Ranger Review Reporter

Lana’s new CD will debut sometime late this year.

Lana Del Rey is to come out with a new CD that will roll out of stores sometime this year and the artist herself isn’t being too specific about when or what her CD will include. The artist gained newly found fame with her first top hit with Summertime Sadness in 2013. Among her so called “very fickle” music as she deemed it, many fans awaited long anticipation as she finally announced this new CD’s release.

After the release of her short video Tropico she stunned and awakened many people to not only the true meanings of her music but also revealed how dark it was. Once upon a dream made headlines too as it made a little known appearance in the new movie Maleficient which comes out May 30, 2014.

In a trending MTV twitter correspondence with Lana she stated her new album is “..finished and it’s beautiful. And don’t worry, you will love Ultra – it’s so wrong and exquisite. It is absolutely gorgeous – darker then the first – so dark it’s almost unlistenable and wrong. But I love it. X”

Many fans, including myself, are excited and highly await her new album release. Lana Del Rey’s music is not only dark and involves lots of scandalous topics ranging from drugs to women, but also incorporates society pressures faced today by women and the relentless abuse put upon by sadistic identities. Lana’s music is also easily enjoyed because of her retro, yet melodic and dramatic tone.  While many people are excited for this release despite how dark it is, fans continue to help Lana top the charts with her hits including Blue Jeans and Summertime Sadness.