Game of Thrones welcomes back power and vengeance


Game of Thrones Air’s every Sunday on HBO.

Taylor Felver, Ranger Review Reporter

In the first four episodes of the hit TV show Game of Thrones, the creators George R.R. Martin and D.B. Weiss brought back all the turmoil of fighting for the iron throne. Many fans have awaited the anticipation for the fourth season of this show for six months.

Dragon queen, Deanery’s Targaryen, returns with the drama from the third season of finding an army while her dragons quickly become growing threats, even to her. The Lannisters battle the rule of the mad king Joffrey all while ungraciously welcoming back their eldest son Jaime, the King slayer. Despite the conclusion of the controversial third season ending with the Red Wedding, beloved fans expect more and more out of each season with fourth season being no different and fans expectations increasing by each episode.

Season four will be filled with multiple scenes of anticipation as some major changes happen inside and outside the realm of Westeros. Readers of the book sequel know what events anxiously await, some good, some bad.

Emilia Clarke, who plays the mother of Dragons claims that “..the characters start to lose touch with their realities.” While the characters may be losing themselves in the fight for the throne, the fans of this suspenseful series are in for a treat as each episode reveals who is getting closer to the Iron chair.