The end is near


Macayla Trottner, Ranger Review Reporter

Summer is drawing closer every day, and coming at an even faster rate for the seniors. Even though it may seem like the days drag on and on, there is about a month left in school and only eighteen days left for the seniors. With finals coming up in the next few weeks, it may seem like this school year may never end, but there are a few ways to speed up the wait for summer.

“For the next week I am going to try and study really hard for my finals. I feel like this will help keep me busy and it will make the days go by faster, plus I will do great on my finals,” sophomore Kimmy Loidolt said.

It’s a good idea to try and stay busy after school; there are several sporting events in the evenings that one can attend. For example, soccer games, track meets, and lacrosse games. One could also study a little bit every day for the upcoming finals. Most classes give a study guide packet with potential material that will be on the test.

“I like going to soccer games with my friends and just hang out. It makes the evenings go by faster than it would if I just sat at home watching TV and I don’t day dream about the exciting summer activities I have planned,” Loidolt said.

Summer may be slowly approaching and it feels like this last month is dragging on, but with a few study sessions with friends or attending a few sport games this last month will go by extremely fast.