Twinning with the mckennas


Elizabeth Beagle

Sky and Carson twinning before JV practice.

Elizabeth Beagle, Ranger Review Reporter

Carson and Sky McKenna, freshmen this year, are the 6’0, twin gingers of Lewis-Palmer.

Carson and Sky are both avid volleyball players that role as hitter on the JV volleyball team. Just recently, Sky and Carson traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to compete beach volleyball doubles for nationals.

When asked to explain the life of a twin, Sky and Carson both agreed that having a twin can be helpful when they forget their textbooks or playing volleyball. But it can get annoying when the twins steal each other’s clothes and people cannot tell them apart.

“I don’t really think there is such thing as an evil twin, just a really annoying one.” Carson McKenna says.

Answering an inquiry about twin relationships, Sky McKenna says “It’s like having your best friend with you at all times.”, but Carson McKenna says “It’s also like having an annoying little brother following you around everywhere.”

With many similarities, Carson and Sky enjoy sushi, hate big cities and watch the same T.V. shows’, but the twins also have their differences. Sky loves the listen to country music whiles Carson is jamming out with pop.

However, no matter how annoying each twin can be, they both know that they will always be there for each other.