Lewis-Palmer High School earns John Erwin award for academic excellence for the 8th time


Ethan Berry

The John Irwin awards are listed on the wall just inside the school.

Ethan Berry, Ranger Review Reporter

Lewis-Palmer High School has earned the John Irwin School of Excellence award seven times in a row since 2001, and this year the school earned the 2013 for the  8th time. Right after a student enters the front doors of the school, there is a string of years on the ceiling signifying the winning years, up to 2013 when Lewis-Palmer earned its present honor.

“The John Irwin School of Excellence Award is a state award given by the Colorado Department of Education, and it is given to schools who exceed the state’s expectations in academic achievement,” Sandi Brandl, principal of Lewis-Palmer High School said. 

The award’s academic achievement is determined through TCAP scores and is given out after a three year period. Because of this, it will be three years before the next award is determined. Brandl hopes for Lewis-Palmer to earn more John Irwin awards in the future, but above all, she hopes that they continue to show exceptional academic achievement.

“I really just think think the award is recognition of the efforts of our students and teachers,”

Brandl said.