Heins cheers her way to the top


Terri Piland

Shelby Heins supporting the football players from the sidelines.

Macee Trottner, Ranger Review Reporter

The crowd started chanting along with the cheerleaders as they began calling a well-known cheer. The team was playing so well and the Rowdy Rangers were on their feet going wild.

Shelby Heins, 12, attends Lewis-Palmer High School. Heins is a member of the Student Council, and has been attending Lewis-Palmer since her freshman year.

She has been a cheerleader on the Lewis-Palmer for three years straight. She has taken on the role of being the team’s spirit captain. One thing the she loves about being the spirit captain is being involved with the Rowdy Rangers and the students attending the high school.

Heins took on many different responsibilities when she became the spirit captain. Some of these things include making decorations, such as signs for some of the school’s sports teams. She is also the one to schedule all of the cheer teams’ team bonding and coordinating different things with the school.

“I will lead the team during competitions and games by being their moral support. I will also give them encouragement whenever they need it,” Heins said.  “My favorite thing about being the spirit captain this year is being the heart of Lewis-Palmer High School.”

One of her main focuses this year for the team is to have the students attending Lewis-Palmer get more involved with the cheer team and help the school have more spirit. She has been working hard to get her tumbling for the team and is currently working on getting her back handspring.

“I am PUMPED for the upcoming football games because I feel like we have a really good chance at winning a lot, if not all of them. I’m very sad to think about when I’ll be leaving this year, but I am excited to watch the cheer team grow, and see what they will do,” Heins said.

She cannot wait to go to state with the cheerleading team this year.