Running for the win

Hannah Rollins running for her cross-country team.

Elizabeth Beagle

Hannah Rollins running for her cross-country team.

Kat Eisenhardt, Ranger Review Reporter

The runners line up, ready to run their hearts out for their coaches. Hannah Rollins,10, clears her mind and opens her eyes as she prepares for the run.The life of a Cross Country runner is never dull and never empty. There is always something to do, such as running during free time and always preparing for a meet.

Rollins enjoys running with her teammates at practice and after school in her free time.During practice, she goes for a run with her team outside. Then practices on the things that she needs to work on to make her running better and more fun.

“It’s fun cheering people on during the meets. I think that it’s a really good experience to be on a team,” Rollins said.

She used to do gymnastics at Sundance Studio, but she decided to do something else for a change and joined the Cross-Country team. Rollin’s favorite part of the sport are her teammates because they encourage her and make her feel like part of the family.

“When I get nervous in a game, I just deal with it,” Rollins said.

Rollins enjoys running, and she says that it’s a fun experience and she learns a lot from her teammates and her coaches. When she gets a correction, she always tries her best to fix it and always tries to make it better.

Rollins is very excited for the season this year. Due to the fact that their team is bigger than last year, the team may have a chance of winning the meets they are in. She is enjoying her year running for the Lewis-Palmer Cross Country team. Rollins stretches with her teammates before the meet starts and afterwards they do a team good luck cheer.

“I enjoy running because it’s a fun and a new experience,” Hannah said. “Sometimes I have bad days in practice, but I puts them aside and deals with them later.”
Even though Rollins does not win every time, she still has a great time with her teammates and coaches.