Athletes make the first step towards their future

Macee Trottner, Ranger Review Reporter

On Wednesday, November 12, National Signing Day took place in the Lewis-Palmer High School gym. Four of Lewis-Palmer’s seniors signed with the colleges they had previously verbally committed with.

Nicole Mack, 12, signed a contract that admitted her to Forman University in South Carolina. Mack will be attending this school on a full ride scholarship for Volleyball.

“I am really excited to be attending Forman University because it means I am starting a new chapter in my life and looking forward to playing volleyball,” Mack said.

Paul Tillotson, 12, will be signed with the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Tillotson verbally committed with his college during his sophomore year. He will be continuing his career in baseball on a scholarship.

“It was fun and exciting being able to sign with Nebraska Lincoln because I will get to meet new people and continue my baseball career,” Tillotson said.

They had the opportunity  to sign with their schools while having their family and friends around to celebrate with them. The students celebrated at the tables that were set up for them with cake, cookies and beverages. Pictures were taken with their friends and family and after Tillotson and Mack had signed to their schools they celebrated with everyone who came to support them.

Kimberly Loidolt, 12, and Mariah Evans, 12, attended the signing that day as well. Loidolt signed with Azusa Pacific to join the tumbling and acrobatics team and Evans signed with the University of North Carolina for volleyball.

As well as committing with the colleges, the athletes had their coaches attend the signing. The coaches were there to give speeches about the students and talked about their accomplishments and goals they have had throughout their high school years.

“I cannot wait to get to South Carolina because there is warmer weather and it will be nice to be able to live and learn in a new state. I also am looking forward to the great programs that the school has scheduled to go out of the country,” Mack said.

Since Tillotson verbally committed with his school at such a young age, he has been looking forward to leaving for college because he made his decision and has been waiting for so long to attend his college. He cannot wait to graduate and move on to a new stage of his life.

“It is a great feeling knowing that I have a future lined up for me for after high school. It is nice to know that I have a plan and I am able to keep pursuing my baseball career,” Tillotson said.

Tillotson and Mack will be leaving shortly after they graduate to start a new school year at their colleges. They both are excited to leave and cannot wait to have new experiences in college.