Bergmann dances onto the Poms team

Mallory Bergmann ,9, is on the Lewis-Palmer Poms team.

Sophie Artley

Mallory Bergmann ,9, is on the Lewis-Palmer Poms team.

Sophie Artley, Ranger Review Reporter

This year, Lewis-Palmer High School’s Poms Dance team has danced their way to state competition this year. The dancers perform during halftime at football games and at school assemblies.

Each year, new freshmen pile into the halls of Lewis-Palmer, and many take part in the activities offered at the school. One of this year’s freshmen, Mallory Bergmann, 9, joined the Poms team.

“I really like to dance and I wanted to be part of a team,” said Bergmann. “Being on the team with a bunch of other people is really fun. We’re really close and we do a lot of stuff together outside of school. We hang out and not just during practice. I got to meet a bunch of people I definitely wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

Bergmann performs at the homecoming assembly

Sophie Artley
Bergmann performs at the homecoming assembly.

Besides performing in the football games and at school assemblies, the Poms team has already competed this year, and won their first competition, the Pikes Peak Athletic Conference competition. This PPAC competition’s allow schools within a certain region to compete against one another. High schools included are: Sand Creek High School, Palmer Ridge High School, and Lewis-Palmer High School. These schools competed against each other as the first competition of the season. Lewis-Palmer Poms cam in first.

From there, Poms has made it all the way to the state competition, where they will be competing this weekend, Saturday, December 12th.

After being asked what it is like to perform, Bergmann said, “It’s a little scary but mostly just fun. We encourage each other a lot, we huddle up, and our captains give motivational speeches to get us pumped up.”

Bergmann says that she loves dancing and Poms adds to her love for the support. Bergmann said she will definitely continue her Poms career throughout high school.