A Full Serving of Being Late


Lauren Kim, Ranger Review Reporter

Alex Anderson, 9, was almost given detention for being late to class due to getting a snack. Occasionally, he will grab some candy at the snack bar whenever he is hungry, usually after his second period class. Doing so resulted him being roughly four minutes tardy to his third period Earth Science class with a science teacher at Lewis-Palmer High School. Several other students were reported tardy with him for the same reason.

Anderson recalls Mary Gregory, teacher at Lewis-Palmer High School saying that she will give out detention slips next time a student is late to class because of grabbing a snack. He believes that giving out detention is going too far.

“There is no way to prevent how long the lines are,” Anderson says. I try to get in the lunch line earlier to help prevent this issue, but the line gets to long.”

“This concerns many teachers because students are tardy to class without a valid excuse,” Gregory said.

Gregory believes students should not be allowed to do this because it takes out class time. Students are allowed to bring their own snacks so they should not have to go to the snack bar. Gregory agreed that she would gladly give out detention to any students tardy who went to the snack bar. To resolve this issue, Gregory suggests students to not stop for snacks in between classes.