Fighting for Success


The team reconvenes under the scoreboard of Wednesday’s duel

Catherine Best, Ranger Review Reporter

Although many students are only now slipping back into the school routine, a group of dedicated Lewis-Palmer athletes have been in high gear for weeks. The wrestling team’s continued drive was put to the test on January 27, when they faced off against Discovery Canyon – a duel which opened with a beloved tradition.

“When varsity comes out, they turn off all the lights and there’s just the spotlight shining on the mat. All the team comes out and runs around it and then joins up in the middle where they slap the mat. It gets the audience and the team worked up and is so high-energy,” team manager, Carmen Bowen, 9, said.

After this exciting opening, the duel progressed. The Rangers competed well, but lost six out of the eight matches that comprised the duel. The final point score was a disheartening 67 to 12. Although the end result of the duel was disappointing, the crowd’s enthusiasm never waned. The crowd and parents applauded each result and shouts of encouragement could be heard between each showdown.

Lewis-Palmer’s successes of the evening were seniors, Curran Chapman and Ryan Earl. Earl won his match in the third round. He came away victorious but with a minor injury, having scraped his face. Chapman was the big winner of the evening, finishing his opponent just halfway through the first round.

“We train hard, and it’s been paying off this season. The Discovery Canyon duel was important on our way to the bigger competitions coming up. Hopefully we can go all the way this year,” Earl said.

Despite the setback of this duel, the wrestling team returned to preparing for the upcoming championship competitions. In particular focus was the face-off against their rival team at Palmer Ridge, which took place at home on Thursday, February 4. The Rangers will continue their season by competing at regionals this Saturday, February 13th.