The Beginning of Greats


Photo by Bryce Oppenheimer

Dayten Madison,11, watching Jalen Ramsey run the 40 yard dash in the NFL Combine

Bryce Oppenheimer, Ranger Review Reporter

The National Football League Scouting Combine has been inviting college athletes to perform for 34 years. Since 1982, the best collegiate players in the United States have been invited to show off their talents in front of NFL team scouts. This is where players prove that they are the top athletes and that they deserve to be drafted by the best.

The NFL combine is where NFL scouts try to recruit collegiate players by putting them through a series of physical drills including long jump, bench press, and many other performance-testing activities.

One of the most popular events is the 40 yard dash. Recently, Adidas offered $1,000,000 to anyone in this year’s NFL Combine who could break the 40 yard dash record. Any participants has to wear the Adidas Five Star Adizero cleats. The record was made by current Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson; he ran the dash in 4.24 seconds. Johnson has been clocked in at about 26 mph miles per hour.

Dayten Madison, 11, who is the current starting tight-end for the Lewis-Palmer Rangers, is amazed with this time. Even Madison has a lot of doubt that anybody in this draft class will be able run faster than Johnson and break the record.  

“I don’t think anybody has the speed or ability to beat 4.24,” Madison said. “That speed is ridiculous and I just haven’t seen anybody with that amount of speed in this draft class.”

The Tennessee Titans have the first pick in the draft. With many prospects in the NFL Combine to scout, the choice can predict the organization’s future, according to The Titans had the 25th ranked rushing offense in the NFL for 2015.

“I think Derrick Henry from Alabama is going to tear it up this year in the combine, and I believe this will result in him getting picked first overall or in the top ten. There is a reason he won the Heisman trophy this year and this is where he proves himself,” Madison said.

The race to be the best this year is between many athletes in the NFL. The top three quarterbacks are Carson Wentz from North Dakota State, Jared Goff from University of California and Paxton Lynch from University of Memphis. All three of these quarterbacks are supposed to go in the first round of the NFL Draft and all three have a possibility to get drafted in the top ten of the first round.

“The underdog of the combine that I would like to see do extremely well is quarterback Dak Prescott from Mississippi State,” Madison said. “He is the best quarterback and possibly even player, that has ever come from Mississippi State. He reminds me a lot Cam Newton.”

Dak Prescott has not been included in the top three of the quarterbacks this year despite having a historic season for Mississippi State. He currently holds 38 college records. Prescott is now one of four players in college football history to pass for 70 touchdowns and rush for 40 touchdowns. He was also the only college quarterback in 2015 to pass for at least 550 yards and 7 touchdowns in one game.

This years draft will be very hard to predict due to the amount of high quality talent participating. This draft class could even change the game of football leading into the future.