Winter hitting sports hard


Bryce Oppenheimer

Girls soccer players cover up in the windy conditions

Bryce Oppenheimer, Ranger Review Reporter

Recently, the state of Colorado has endured some winter snow storms which have led to cancellations of spring sports’ competitions and practices. From track to baseball,  every winter or spring sport has been canceled or delayed at least once due to bad weather conditions.

Colorado weather has been very unpredictable, leaving coaches and players unable to plan ahead. The month of March had 79% of the precipitation including light and heavy snow. The average temperature throughout the month was 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kirsten Hatton,11, was disappointed that her soccer game was canceled on April 5th. Hatton and her team believed the weather was going to be nice enough to play in.

“It was really windy so now two of our games so far have been canceled due to bad weather conditions,” Hatton said. “The first game was canceled because of snow. These games should have definitely been canceled because in the first game we couldn’t even see the field because of the snow and yesterday the wind was pretty ridiculous.”

The girls soccer game that was canceled on April 5th was rescheduled to April 6th.They had to wait for the wind to calm down so that they could play. After the wind dies down the girls plan to continue their dominance over the rest of the state when they play Rampart at Don Breese Stadium at Lewis-Palmer High School.

The snow has been so unpredictable that the Lewis-Palmer Track and Field team hasn’t even been able to compete in a meet yet. Cody Fitzgerald, 11, is excited for his chance to compete in the first meet this year.

“All of our meets have been canceled due to the bad weather and on Friday and Saturday it looks like we’ll finally get to compete,” Fitzgerald said. “I don’t think the meets should have been canceled at all. They should have just let us run in the snow. Missing the Palmer Ridge game stunk but we will get our chance another time.”

On Friday April 8th, the varsity Track and Field team  will go to All City Stadium and compete against Thomas Jefferson High School.