Making an impact on varsity football

Kyle Watts, number 13, getting tackled by the opposing team player.

Julie Tims

Kyle Watts, number 13, getting tackled by the opposing team player.

Jakob Aggers, Ranger Review Reporter

With a record of 9-1, Lewis-Palmer Varsity football is rolling into the playoffs that are just a few short games around the corner. Throughout the season Kyle Watts Jr. 12 has been an impact player and is looking forward to the playoffs ahead of him.

Watts has been an effective player, making big plays in multiple positions such as kick return, kickoff, running back, receiver and safety.  He has played football for Lewis-Palmer for 3 years with a total of 6 years playing experience.

“I’ve been playing really well. I think it’s been affecting the team because they’ve been putting me in spots where they needed me and I’m getting the job done,” Watts said.

On November 4, in a game against Woodland Park, Watts blocked a punt and it was returned for a Lewis-Palmer touchdown. This is one of the many game-changing plays that he has made this season.

“It was definitely great because we, as a team, needed the motivation in the game to keep playing hard. Joel Scott, the one who picked it up, seemed really happy that he got that touchdown and it really changed the game,” Watts said.

Individually, Watts has a total of 63 all-purpose yards, 14 receiving yards for offense, and a total of 45 kickoff and punt return yards. As the season has progressed, Watts’ goals have changed to a team based mentality.

“My personal goal at the beginning of this season was to do well at kick returns but, now I want to score touchdowns and play well for the team,” Watts said.

So far, Lewis-Palmer has beaten their district rivals, Palmer Ridge, at a score of 51-9, which turned out to be a huge victory. Varsity has also beaten Mead, Evergreen, Pueblo County, Roosevelt, Canon City, Mitchell, Falcon and Woodland Park. Watts has enjoyed Lewis-Palmer’s winning streak.

“This is the first time in forever, we have actually been good, and now that we’re actually playing well, the team is starting to get noticed and recognized, and that’s exciting. We’re taking it game by game, we’re playing smart, and hopefully we’ll make it far,” Watts said.

On November 11, Lewis-Palmer football will play the first playoff game against Longmont. Watts is excited for this game and for the playoffs ahead of him.

“Personally, against Longmont, I’m going to play with smarts, focus up, keep my head, and not get angry, like I usually do. I’m gonna stay humble and continue through the game. Hopefully we’ll win and move on,” Watts said.

Watts thinks that, for the team the collective goal is to make it to state. At the beginning of the season, all they wanted to do was make it to the playoffs and maybe get further, but now they look to being champions.

“If we lost in state, I would have no regrets, and I don’t think the team would either. We came a long way and played our hardest every game,” Watts said. “This season we had a lot of people out from injuries and a lot of adversity against us. If we made it that far, it would be great, but we all want to win.”