The End of a Season


Ranger team players tackle a member of the opposing team mid-game.

Laney Nesmith, Ranger Review Reporter

On Friday November 18, the Ranger Varsity football team faced off against Silver Creek in the quarterfinals for state champion at Don Bres Stadium, 7 p.m. Had Lewis-Palmer won the game, it would have been the farthest ever a Lewis-Palmer football team has been as far as winning a state title.

November 11th, the team won against Longmont in the first round of the state finals.

“It was a little bit iffy for the first half, but in second half we pulled through and it was a lot better,” George Williams 12 said.

Williams also said that any worry had about the quarter finals was that he wanted the team to “be able to keep a clear head” and “just play like we always do” because the fact that this is the quarter finals could put more pressure on some of the players.

“I always, always believed the team had a good chance of winning the game against Silver Creek. If we didn’t expect to win then we may as well not play,” Tupper said.

He also said that the varsity team this year has been one of the better teams he has been a part of since he has been teaching at the school and that this is the best regular season record he has had in his 11 years of teaching.

Both the coach and the player agreed that winning the state championship is the goal this season. Williams says that it’s his hope to top off his senior year with a state championship, while Tupper states that winning state is always his goal.

There was a loss at the quarter finals this Friday against Silver Creek. With the game ending at a 27-28 score, it was a close loss. However, the Rangers had a good season with 10 wins out of 12 games overall and preparations for next year’s season are already in the works.