Let there be light


Photo taken by Monument Ice Rinks

Ciara Lewis, Ranger Review Reporter

It is that time of year again, the most joyful time of the year to most actually and this year Monument had a special event planned for the town just like they do every year. The town of Monument has decorated the trees that lead into historical Monument and this year, a special event took place on December 3rd. Limbach park held a tree lighting where many events took place.


At the event, there was an ice rink that was brought in for those who attended the event to use, this was a big hit at the event because it was the first time an ice rink was brought to the event. Also, Santa Clause was there the last hour to help light the trees of the park and to take requests from all of the little kids for what they want for Christmas this year.


There was free food, free hot chocolate and free skating. Most people I talked to enjoyed the ice skating the most because it was easy to get to, free, and for some it was even their first time.


The Lewis-Palmer Poms team was even there to perform a dance the team had been practicing and for others, this was their favorite part of the tree lightning because to them, dancing is very calming and beautiful to watch.
“I know everyone had a good time even though it was cold, there was giggles and smiles and it was just a very cheery time for everyone that came” Ellie Sakamoto 11 said. Christmas is just a few short weeks away and everyone is starting, if not already, getting into the Christmas spirit.