Student’s response to the PSAT

Students are taking the PSAT and are preparing for their future.

photo provided by Pixabay on Google Images

Students are taking the PSAT and are preparing for their future.

John Morrison, Ranger Review Reporter

For freshman, the PSAT is a whole new experience, for upperclassman, it’s horror. Getting a high score could be rewarding, as students could be accepted to better colleges. Failing it however, can limit college’s able to apply to. A “cooling” factor that calms most down is that it is a practice for the real test taken in the spring of junior year. While taking the PSAT, sophomores and freshmen can learn things to improve on for when they take it again.

“I will definitely try to get more reading comprehension, read a couple books before it

[PSAT] so i can get my mind warmed up so i can understand and interpret reading passages” Andrew McCann, 9, said.

Students took the PSAT almost 2 weeks into school,getting low grades are almost expected, but higher are surprising.  Regarding this, students still are studying for a good score.

“My score was surprisingly high, we were only ten days into school so i was not expecting such a high score. We just got back from summer, i read barely any books or caught up in any knowledge,” McCann said.

Students also seemed to do good in sections, not the test overall, as they could be strong in most parts, but fail in others causing their score to lower. To fix their test mistakes, students  review and prepare for the next time they take the test.

“The best subject I did well on was math, it’s my best subject and the easiest for me, and it was the highest score i got,” Madison Heins, 10, said.

As for next years incoming freshman, both sophomores and freshman have tips in mind when it comes to them taking it in the fall of their 2017 freshman year.

“[For next years freshman] take it seriously and don’t rush through it because there is a ton of questions, I know it’s timed, but it’s easy to get through,” Heins said.

The lesson learned for the PSAT coming from students, is do not rush the test, and remember to review mistakes and weak points so that they can improve for the PSAT, or even SAT. For incoming freshman as well, remember to not rush through but take your time and do not get worried over the timed segments.