So many sequels that Hollywood is running out of ideas?


Dillon Crump, Ranger Review Reporter

In 2017, there are to be at least 51 new movies being released to the public. Twenty four of those being either remakes or sequels. This is almost half of the new movies to be released in the upcoming year.  

The reason for this is because that there have been so many movies made already, thus creating producers and directors to go back to old topics such as the Mission Impossible series, Indiana Jones and Fast and Furious. Some writers believe that they can give their own type of spice to the movie thinking that the movie will be even better.

Some sequels are rated better than the original, such as Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

But then Hollywood creates things such as “Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd.” The two movies that are about to come out that are the furthest into the series are Fast and Furious 8, and Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Some viewers think, when is it time to end these movies.

Some of the sequels that Hollywood makes have a reason and that is to continue with the movie. If the producers put all the sequels together into one movie, that movie would be insanely long and would take forever to make.  If the movie gets good enough ratings, and there are things to add on to it, then why not create another one in the series to create a world known phenomenon.

People look forward to the sequels of their favorite movies, to continue to see what happens.  They also look forward to remakes of their movies, especially if they are better than the first ones.  For example Star Wars fans, are always raving about the new Star Wars about to come out.
Watching a sequel is like reading the next book in a series.  Without it, the movie would not make sense, and would probably get bad reviews.  Causing the company to lose money.  There are lots of reasons Hollywood makes sequels to a movie.  Whether that being they had to conclude a precious, they think that they could make the original better.  Or simply just because they are out of ideas.