Hitting off Lewis-Palmer’s baseball season


Lewis-Palmer students warming up for baseball practice.

Lauren Kim, Ranger Review Reporter

With Spring around the corner, baseball fans are eager for the season to start. Lewis-Palmer’s students are excited to go out and start the new season. They’ve been practising in the morning workouts before school to prepare themselves.

Colton Stegman, 10, is prepared for the upcoming season. Stegman was introduced to baseball at a young age and has played it ever since. He loved it and kept playing ever since then.

Stegman was the only freshman Varsity player on last seasons baseball team. He is hoping to be on Varsity again this year. Stegman’s current position is a catcher and is planning on keeping this position. His main goal for the team is hoping to make it into playoffs. He wants the team to work together and win state.

“The team is great, the guys are great and we have a lot of fun out there and hopefully we will have a good season this year,“ said Stegman. “I’m more worried about the team and how we are gonna do this year. What happened last year is in the past and we are just gonna start on from there.”

Brett Lester has been a teacher at Lewis-Palmer for 2 years. Prior to coaching Lewis-Palmer’s baseball team, he also coached baseball in Texas and was an assistant coach in Pine Creek.

“I love that baseball is a team game but it also focuses on independance,” said Lester. “You can be a bad player on a great team and a great player on a bad team. So it’s a pretty well rounded game. When you see the click in their eyes and knowing they comprehend  what they accomplish, is a real big achievement for me in coaching. There is a good mix of kids in terms of experience and age, so it’s interesting to see how they mold together to work as a team.”

Lester is excited for the new season to start. Around 30 students are attending baseball practice in the morning and Lester can see the eagerness within the students. Baseball tryouts will begin February 27th, 2017.