Cowboys Destroy the Packers


Packers vs Cowboys cartoon. Creative Commons, credited to Jack Kurzenknabe

Kaitlyn Hutson, Ranger Review Reporter

On October 8th, 2017, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 35-31. Cowboys fans were disappointed after the game was over, but the Packers fans were happy in the end of the game. The Cowboys were winning with thirty-one points in the fourth quarter. The Packers came in strong with fifteen seconds left in the game and scored the winning touchdown.


The Packers have a 4-1 season so far. They have been to the Super Bowl four times and the last time they were in the Super Bowl was in 2011. The Cowboys have a 2-3 season so far. Even though they have been to the Super Bowl five times, they have not made it to the Super Bowl since 1996.


The top players on the Packers team are Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Kevin King, Jordy Nelson and Justin Vogel. Aaron Rodgers is number 12 on the team, he is passing and rushing for the team. Number 52, Clay Matthews is the defense for the team. Kevin King is number 20, he is the cornerback. Jordy Nelson, number 87 is receiving on the team. Justin Vogel is number eight he is the punter on the team.


With the Dallas Cowboys, the top players are, Dez Bryant, Dak Prescott, Rod Smith, Ezekiel Elliott, and Darren McFadden. Dez Bryant is number 88, and he is a wide receiver. Number four, Dak Prescott is a quarterback. Rod Smith is number 45 is full back. Number 21, Ezekiel Elliott is running back on the team. Darren McFadden is number twenty is another running back for the team.


Dallas Cowboys fan, Heather Parrish 10, said “The Cowboys are definitely going to win, they are having a good season so far.” However she said the the Packers had a chance to win.


Packers fan Lhianna Werener 10, gave a percentage of who she thinks is going to win. She gave a 60% chance to the cowboys and 40% to the Packers. Packers fan Tyler Prichard 9, said “I was confident going into the game and I knew that the Packers were going to win. I was very excited that the Packers won because it was a close game.”